Principle 10. Provide task options

Websites for crowdsourcing cultural heritage support participation and contribution quality by providing task options.

Explanation/examples of compliance: Users can select tasks based on criteria such as type of asset, task or process; subject/theme; level of difficulty; collection item; collecting institution; or stage of task completion.

Websites that randomly display assets to be processed should enable users to skip to the next asset, and websites that do not provide this option should explain the rationale. The provision of task options may be less relevant for websites used to record/create content.

Benefits: Enabling new visitors to select tasks that reflect their interests, level of expertise or available time encourages them to contribute. Providing contributors with task options encourages continued participation, and supports contributions of a high standard.

What's on the Menu? menus
Image: What’s on the Menu? Enabling users to select tasks that reflect their interests and available time is an example of providing task options.