Principle 21. Convey a sense of fun

Websites for crowdsourcing cultural heritage support participation by conveying a sense of fun.

Explanation: Websites associate performing crowdsourced tasks with having fun.

Benefits: Visitors who find the site fun to use are more likely to contribute, and users are more likely to return and contribute more. A sense of fun may be more influential on the decision to contribute for visitors unfamiliar with websites for CCH, than for people who have visited or contributed to such websites before.

Examples of compliance with this principle: 

  • Using a light-hearted tone for webpage copy
  • Using “fun” or similar terms to describe the task
  • Entertaining narrative and humour
  • Games
  • Light-hearted music and graphics

Gamification involving comparative performance feedback may convey a sense of fun, but may not support participation in all cases.

Old Weather map
Image: Old Weather. Using graphics to visualize a shared journey, and assigning thematic roles to contributors is an example of conveying a sense of fun.