Research Projects

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Most of my research investigates crowdsourcing cultural heritage from the perspective of human-computer interaction (HCI); this interdiscipline overlaps with several fields, including information systems, design and psychology.

Research projects

An Information Systems Design Theory for Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage (2016) Read more

Functionality and usability requirements for a crowdsourcing task interface that supports rich data collection and volunteer participation / A case study: The New Zealand Reading Experience Database (2013) Read more

A Cognitive Walkthrough of the What’s the Score at the Bodleian? task interface to increase volunteer participation (2012) Read more

Optimizing crowdsourcing websites for volunteer participation: An examination of What’s on the Menu? using the MECLABS Conversion Sequence heuristic (2011) Read more

Practical management strategies for crowdsourcing in libraries, archives and museums (2012) Read more