Research Projects

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Most of my research investigates crowdsourcing cultural heritage from the perspective of human-computer interaction (HCI); this interdiscipline overlaps with several fields, including information systems, design and psychology.

An Information Systems Design Theory for Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage (2016) Read more

Functionality and usability requirements for a crowdsourcing task interface that supports rich data collection and volunteer participation / A case study: The New Zealand Reading Experience Database (2013) Read more

A Cognitive Walkthrough of the What’s the Score at the Bodleian? task interface to increase volunteer participation (2012) Read more

Optimizing crowdsourcing websites for volunteer participation: An examination of What’s on the Menu? using the MECLABS Conversion Sequence heuristic (2011) Read more

Practical management strategies for crowdsourcing in libraries, archives and museums (2012) Read more