Donelle McKinley

Donelle McKinley

Donelle holds a BA in English and Art History from the University of Auckland, Diploma of Publishing from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies, BA Honours in English (Digital Humanities) from University of Canterbury, and Master of Information Studies (MIS) from Victoria University of Wellington. This toolkit reflects the findings of Masters and PhD research undertaken at Victoria University of Wellington.

Donelle’s research has been recognised with several awards and scholarships, including a Trinity Term Scholarship at Oxford University. During her brief but magical time at Oxford, she got up close and personal with the crowd’s contributions for the Oxford English Dictionary, gatecrashed the project launch of What’s the Score at the Bodleian?, and discovered the world of crowdsourcing cultural heritage.

Donelle is currently based in Canterbury, New Zealand, where she manages the arts crowdfunding platform Boosted.

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