Principle 20. Support content sharing

Websites for crowdsourcing cultural heritage support participation by enabling users to share website content.

Explanation: Incorporating sharing functionality encourages users to share their project experiences and collection items of interest with people outside the community, and invite them to participate.

Benefits: Receiving an invitation to participate from someone they know is an incentive for new visitors to contribute, and working alongside people they know outside the project community is an incentive for users to continue contributing.

Examples of compliance with this principle: 

  • Incorporating email and social network functionality into the task interface, blog posts, discussion forums, and the collection database. A message to users, encouraging them to invite friends to the project, may be displayed alongside sharing functionality.
  • Encouraging users to share webpage URLs, links to digitized collection items, and downloadable project promotion material.
  • Encouraging users to embed promotional project videos or other website content in their personal online spaces by providing them with website code.


Your Paintings Tagger Twitter
Image: Your Paintings Tagger. Integrating social network functionality into the task interface is an example of supporting content sharing.