Principle 14. Encourage users to engage with the collection

Websites for crowdsourcing cultural heritage support participation by encouraging users to engage with the collection.

Explanation: Engagement refers to reading, browsing, searching, and returning to cultural heritage collection-related content.

Benefits: Stimulating interest in and promoting a sense of collaboration with the collecting institution encourages new visitors to contribute, and contributors to continue participating.

Examples of compliance with this principle: 

  • Displaying images of all collection items being processed
  • Featuring collection items in a prominent place, such as the homepage
  • Describing highlights of the collection
  • Online exhibitions
  • Displaying collection item metadata
  • Linking to related content
  • Displaying stories about the collection and collection items, which may be in the form of blog posts integrated with the site
  • Sharing stories about collection items from contributors and output users.
  • Enabling user curation, such as the selection of favourite collection items
  • Enabling users to download digitized collection item files

Make History homepage
Image: Make History. Featuring collection items in a prominent place, such as the homepage, is an example of encouraging user engagement with the collection.